Okanagan’s Finest, formed in 2002, brings together the talents, skills, and more than 20 years experience of chefs Ryan B. Smid and Travis P. Hackl.

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About OKF.

Our Grill

Quality and Flavour. What you can expect from the OKF Grill. Yum Yum Yum.

Our daily specials run the gamut. House-made. Home-smoked. Local fare. Seasonal salads.

“The idea of offering our product beyond the restaurant niche is what prompted us to embark on this venture,” says Hackl. “In our various restaurant kitchens and through our catering experience, we have served a number of vinaigrettes that have received rave reviews. We took this feedback and developed two of our favorites for the market place. Response was so great that we decided to expand the line.”

“As trends shift away from over-processed foods, consumers are seeking smaller, artisan food producers who provide healthier alternatives,” says Smid. “We have always been inspired by this region’s natural bounty and our dressings have been developed to respond to a demand for natural products and wholesome ingredients.”

A Few Words About Us

Serving the Best Meals in Oyama and all of the Okanagan

So, Okanagan’s Finest was born and in a very fortuitous location—the heart of the Okanagan Valley, an area that abounds with small artisan food producers who can supply fresh, natural, flavourful ingredients.

Chefs Smid and Hackl have taken their delicious products to consumers beyond the Okanagan Valley, to Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary.

Another passion of the chefs of Okanagan’s Finest is working with event coordinators to develop personalized menus for catered events. Their catering menus reflect the same philosophy as their vinaigrettes: thoughtful combinations of full-flavoured ingredients from small, artisan food producers.

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Our Food Policy

The first step in maintaining the quality of our food is by eating locally grown produce. Locally grown produce has not been exposed to pesticides or other chemicals that may be harmful to our health. It also tastes better because it has not traveled far to reach us and because it was picked at the peak of ripeness. Locally grown produce also supports our local economy which helps keep jobs in our area. It’s important to note that locally grown does not necessarily mean organic, but organic produce will always be higher in quality. The second step in improving the quality of our food is by eating organic produce. Organic produce is produced without the use of pesticides or other chemicals that may be harmful to our health and contains no artificial additives. More importantly, it tastes better because it has not traveled far to reach us and because it was picked at the peak of ripeness.

Our Core Values

Our restaurant is a place where people can come to enjoy food and have a great time.

We want our customers to feel the same way about our food and care for them as we do. That’s why we make sure that the food is always fresh, delicious, and served with care.

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Flavour Professionals

We are a team of professional chefs who pride ourselves on producing the highest quality food for our customers. Let us introduce ourselves.


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Actively hiring chefs and kitchen staff for our busy location. Reach out to Travis for more information.

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Founder / Head Chef

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